National Pizza Party Day!!! 

Wow first Caesar day and now Pizza!!!!!! Some of my favorite eats…. yes eats …Caesar are a meal in itself!!!

Pizza is a treat in our house we enjoy making it from scratch. The kids love helping measure the flour and watching the dough rise. Special childhood moments I believe they will remember for a lifetime. However after a long day of garage sale hopping my princess is fast asleep and my prince stayed at Nana’s for a sleepover. 🙂😉 

Our Favorite quick pizza dough recipe… MUST TRY

The above link is a recipe for the best pizza dough recipe I have tried. It’s a quick rise only take 30mins and is truly amazing …. definitely in my must try list. 

Sooo adult theme pizza it is to honor national pizza party day !! Tonight menu is Seafood Alfredo with herb soft goat cheese  and a Ham / Salami with onions…. YESSSS ONIONS…..pizzas YUM 

Onions are always a staple in my cooking as they add tons of flavor. My kids tho aren’t as in love with them as me, soooo when I can put them on my pizzas in full visibility it’s a treat for this mommy. 

Once our pizzas are all prepped and made using that great pizza dough recipe above. 

The dough will make two 12inch pizzas. 

*** top your pizzas with whatever ingredients you love and as a busy mom of two I feel no shame in using a store bought pizza sauce***

We will cook them at 425f for 20 minutes.

And the results are yummy…. there nothing better then homemade pizzas!! Hand down worth the time.. 

Hope everyone enjoyed a slice today!!

Pizza Recipes to follow


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