Summer Eats 

I always love summer and what different foods It will bring, from the stuff coming out of the garden , the barbecue or our new smoker. I thought I would just share a few of my photos of some of the tasty food that I made for my family. 

Yummy homemade cinnamon buns for breakfast… 

Tasty rotisserie chicken with the barbecue spice blend with fresh herbs out of the garden

One of two of my post about mussels, we love mussels in our house and we went camping and decided to make them over the fire in a garlic white wine sauce.

Two of two post about my mussels.. lol

These ones are simply made on the stove and again a white wine garlic sauces. We always like to serve really crusty bread with her muscles to soak up all that yummy juice

Can’t say this one’s for the family this is for mom!!! I’m a sushi lover and in a small town we don’t get any variety so I learned to make it myself these are tempura shrimp rolls

Stay tuned for more!!!! 

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