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Happy  National Caesar Day!!!!

Get your Caesar Recipes HERE!!!

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I’ve always been a lover of a good old Caesar, as I age (LOL) I tend to get a little bit more creative…. dill pickle juice…bacon slices…pepperoni… pickled carrots…. just  getting a little bit more fancier.

In honor of National Caesar day one of my all time favorite drinks. I will share pictures of some of the Caesar I’ve enjoyed made by others and some I’ve made… 

Fat Boys   LIKE there Facebook page.. Amazing Version of the Canadian Caesar!!!


Boot Caesars.. My Version of a the Canadian Favorite

8 Oz Orginial Motts Clamato

1 1/2 oz of Kirkland’s Signature Vodka

splash of Lime juice , add wedge after

splash of Lemon juice, add wedge after

1/2 tsp Motts Caesar rimmer

splash of Worcestershire sauce

Mix Well

Note: Not a Tabasco lady!!! but if your a spicy lover add a couple drops into your mix.

Garnish with your favorite toppers!! Mine are pickles, Pickles asparagus, bacon, pepperoni etc..


Hope Everyone Enjoys their Caesar’s today!!! comment with pictures of your Caesar concoctions ….