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Beef jerky

So I begin my two day process of making my first batch of homemade beef jerky in our Bradley smoker. I’m gonna make two different kinds of sweet and spicy and then just a regular with coarse black pepper. 

As a kid and young adult I was fortunate enough to grow up with a mom who worked in a meat packing plant. She was amazing at making beef jerky,  pepperoni, smokies, sausages so I had lots of time to pick her brain on what recipes she uses and how I would smoke my meat so on so forth. 

The first thing I needed to do was get my meat, again coming from a farm background I’m gracious enough to get a third of the beef ever year from my parents and I have a freezer full of round roast and sirloin roast. I took out four good size roast out of my freezer and let them thaw slightly. 

When cutting my meat I like to cut it while it’s still slightly frozen that way I get nice slices and the meat is easier to work with. 

It is very important to have a very sharp knife if your hand cutting your slices. A slicing machine can also be used however I don’t have one of those yet. 

1/4 inch slices or whatever your preference is. 

My four roast gave me 6 1/2 pounds of meat which will produce both 3 pounds of jerky. Remember you lose 50% weight when dehydrating it.

I marinated my meat for over 24 hours in the refrigerator prior to smoking. 

I smoke my meat in my Bradley smoker making sure none of my slices were touching, which was very important if they’re touching any part that’s touching other meat won’t cook. 

I cooked for the first two hours from 160 Fahrenheit to 170 Fahrenheit and then for the last two hours I added light smoke and brought my temperature up to 175 this gave me a nice consistency of my jerky. 

Your jerky’s consistency should be that it bens without snapping. This was my first time making jerky, I was quite pleased with how well the Bradley smoker performed and how well my jerky came out.