Hello Everyone

Welcome to Craft & Cookery blog, my name is Patricia Brown and I am a wife, a mother, entrepreneur, lover of all things old and foodie to the core. I started this blog because as I sit in my home from recently been laid off from a big oil field company I found myself wondering what’s my next step….. what am I going to do next……. what do I love to do…….. and every time the answers are the same. I LOVE…entertaining, I LOVE making good tasty food for my family& friends and I LOVE taking old vintage rustic treasures (as I call them) and refurbish or renew them so that they can be loved longer. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my craft projects and foodie creations on my Facebook or my Instagram. I always have tons of reaction, wow that looks good …..wow we should have a craft night…… wow what’s the recipe….. so with that again sitting here with my beautiful children day to day I thought to myself hey …..Let me start a blog. Let me share my passion with everybody….Let me teach you my recipes…Lets have discussions on healthy ingredients maybe not so healthy ingredient…..Lets chat on what to feed a Two year-old ….what beautiful craft project can I make that would look over it look good over my fireplace…..I want to be your go to blog for all things food and crafts. So let me show you my passion ….my projects….my DIY’s…

Don’t be Shy…..I welcome questions, better variations or request a how do video ….. So msg me anytime 🙂