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All things garden and greenhouse!!! 

A few nights ago once the kids were in bed I decided it was time to start my flower planter and urn for the summer. I love gardening and have learned to teach myself how do have a green thumb. 

As most would find this to be a lot of work I find it relaxing. My garden and greenhouse is my “happy place.”

Two years ago I tilled up a portion of my massive yard and started my very first garden. Ever since have been feeding family our home grown veggies all summer long. 

I wanted to take my gardening to the next level and my husband and I build a big greenhouse by ups cycling pallets. As a greenhouse can be on the expensive side to purchase this was a cost efficient way to get one the size I wanted. 

The greenhouse houses my tomatoe planted and savory herbs as I also enjoy canning come fall. 

In Alberta our spring weather is also very unpredictable so my flowers also stay in until end of May. 

Planters and Urns

Over the years I’ve learned that buying the big beautiful planter already ready to go at the greenhouses can be very expensive. So I started making my own. When I first started I put mostly all flowers in my planters but has the years have gone by and I mixed in more and more filler plants. This saved my time on plucking the dead flowers out, which is require for new growth. 

Gardening is really a time for me to relax and have some me time. As a mom I really forget to take time for me and do the things I love. 

I can’t wait to share my greenhouse and garden progress through out the summer with you!!! 

Stay tune !!!!